Eden Mill uses SSL encrypted layer technologies to secure the site and any personal details we hold. Refer to our Terms and Conditions page for more detailed information.

Eden Mill does not share, sell or allow any 3rd party access to our customer data logs; Nor do we hold or retain any credit or debit card information.

When paying by Debit or Credit card, you will be redirected to the Barclaycard or PayPal Payment Gateway.

These gateways use banking level security. Your card details can even be stored there for future use and to make recurring transactions even quicker to process.

When on the Eden Mill site, we recommend for your additional security and peace of mind that you use a complex password for your ‘My Account’ area i.e. one that uses at least 7 characters, has at least one capital, one number and one symbol. Do not use ‘Password’ or your name.

We will also use cookies to ‘timeout’ your session if you have been inactive on a key page such as the checkout for a period of time. This helps us to protect your accounts from unauthorised use of an unattended device.